About us

Koliе's mission is to create an online catalog of jewelry that excites.

Kolie is a brand created with the dream of producing jewelry that tells stories. A catalog where customers can find not just ordinary jewelry, but stylish, quality and most of all emotional jewelry created especially for them.

Extremely beautiful and elegant personalized jewelry from Kolie are made of 925 silver with a European quality guarantee. Jewelry can be in current colors, using the latest gilding techniques with 18K gold and rose gold plating.

What brings us intense happiness is the combination of the emotion that jewelry brings with it and the emotion that they create when you see them and touch them for the first time. The smiles on the faces and the warmth in the souls of our clients make sense of what we have been doing for more than 10 years in Bulgaria.

And doing all this with so much love, we hold on to the personal attitude and individual approach to each client. It is extremely important that our jewelry meets the expectations of our customers and causes excitement in them! For us, the personalization of jewelry is intimate and personal as a process, so we strive to communicate with our customers so that we can truly touch their emotions and be able to seal it in beautiful jewelry.

Our consultants are qualified jewelers who know the intricacies of production, but trained with attention to the client. We will give you the right advice so that your jewelry is perfect. Do not hesitate to contact us!